Our Staff

Owner & manager
Sagi Nidam

Sagi Nidam is an entrepreneur and hotel owner recognized for excellence in the hospitality industry. He demonstrates a meticulous approach and a passion for delivering an unparalleled experience to his guests.

Celling Cooper

Cooper professionalism and expertise, along with great management skills, is always available to serve you With kindness and a smile, and will provide you with the best attention and any information about tortuguero and more.

Sofia Rivas

Sofia, our salon keeper, is always happy to provide the best service to make you feel at home. With her charismatic and friendly personality, she ensures a warm and welcoming experience.

Alicia Vargas

She is one of the people who will give you a friendly welcome and provide the best service to ensure you have an excellent stay. She will gladly assist you with any issues you may encounter.


Our chef will prepare amazing dishes with Costa Rican flavors, that will always leave you wanted more so remember, you can always ask for more!

Hose keeper

anything you need she is always there.


Thank you for a year of excellent service! Ivinia is now back with her family in Nicaragua.

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