Our Staff

Owner & manager
Sagi Nidam

Sagi is an entrepreneur and hotel owner recognized for excellence in the hospitality industry. As a hotel owner, Sagi Nidam demonstrates a meticulous approach and a passion for delivering an unparalleled experience to his guests.

Celling Cooper

Always to the availability of his service and cervical he with all his kindness will give you the best attention and will provide the indications on the hotel.

Alicia Vargas

is one of the people who will give you a friendly welcome as she provides the best service for you to have one of the best stay. She will gladly help you with any incident you may have.

Brandon Brenes

is one of the first images you will see when you arrive, since he is the receptionist and in charge of any questions you have, he will gladly provide you with the best service and attention.

Sofia Rivas

Our salonkeeper Sofia provides food and beverage service to customers with a charismatic and friendly personality. She will gladly offer you the best service.


It will provide excellent service to ensure guest satisfaction in the rooms and the best possible comfort.


She is the person in charge of cleaning areas such as corridors, garden, terrace, laundry, stairs, rooms. She provides a very important service for the hotel.


She is in charge of cleaning the hotel, her service is very important for the guests because they can enjoy a comfortable and clean place.

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