Our Restaurant

Our private Restaurants are for the hotel guest only, and future fresh cooked local cousin with local seasonal ingredients.
Our chef has over 20 years of experience and 100% satisfaction.
She will prepare different dishes per your preference. We also offer vegetarian and vegan meals, please let us know in advance for any special requests

Kitchen Menu

Monday, Friday

Rice, Vegetables, Salad, Chicken in Tomato Sauce or Caribbean Chicken

Rice, Vegetables, Salad, Grilled Tilapia Fillet Or Stuffed Pasta (Cannelloni)

Tuesday, Saturday​

Rice with Chicken, Potato Salad and Patacones

Chickpeas with Chicken, Vegetable Salad and Rice

Rice, Salad, Vegetables and Meat in Sauce

Spaghetti with Ground Beef, Salad

Wednesday, Sunday

Rice, Vegetables, Salad, Meatloaf or Chicken in Sauce

Meat or Chicken Lasagna in Tomato or White Sauce, Salad

Rice, Vegetables, Salad, Beef Fajitas


Potato Cake with Meat

Garden Rice, Salad and Steak

Salad, Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes with Tilapia Fillet or Chicken Fajitas

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