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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the most relaxed environment and the best experience Tortuguero offers. Starting from easy check-in, concierge services for your luggage, Full service to your room, or at our Beautyfall courtyard Dining area—dinner experience like no other place.

We also offer hustle-free tours with 100% Satisfaction guaranteed


Hotel Vision

As an experienced guest in many hotels worldwide, I have always tried to imagine what will be the most ideal and amazing stay. So we are building Serendipity to be exactly that. Create an unforgettable and pleasurable experience just for you in Tortuguero which is  Like nowhere else in Costa Rica 


Our Goal

Create a place where you can truly relax and have a 100% stress-free vacation. enjoy nature, good food & fresh juices.. recommended stay is 3 nights in Tortuguero




Who we are

The Serendipity Hotel is an Oasis of life, located in one of the main tourist icons of Costa Rica, Tortuguero Village, located between 3rd most visited National Park in Costa Rica, surrounded by sea turtle nesting beaches and beautiful rivers.

A true vacation is when you forget about your daily troubles, and enjoy life for a moment. offering you with an unforgettable experience between resting in our hotel and the variety of nature activities.


Best Things To See In Tortuguero

There are two strong seasons for the spawning of the turtles, from April to June the spawning of the leatherback turtles, and from July to October, the green turtle. Both are endangered species. In addition, you can see the nesting of hawksbill turtles from May to October and loggerhead turtles from May to September.


In Tortuguero, our visitors can book the Guided Night Tour, which consists of patrolling the beaches with guides in search of sea turtles.

A total of 241 species of birds were registered in the Tortuguero National Park during the fifth count carried out in 2022.
And it is that this area of ​​the country is considered one of the tourist destinations with the highest concentration of biodiversity.
Green macaws are now classified as critically endangered by the International Union, there are only 500-1000 left in the world. But here you can see them in large numbers.

Tortuguero has three species of monkeys, the howler monkey, the white-faced or capuchin monkey, and the spider monkey.

The white-faced monkey is perhaps the most active and daring since they are usually not very afraid and defend their territory by shouting and sometimes throwing small branches from the trees of the jungle. They feed on everything they find, therefore they are omnivores.

The Spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) is in danger of extinction, but in the Tortuguero area it runs free and it is beautiful to see how it uses its long arms and tail to cling to trees, jump, and move quickly.

The Howler or Congo Monkey (Alouatta palliata), whose name is because of its loud howls that can be heard from kilometers away. They move in ‘troops’ and can be seen all around the hotel area.

Like the Spider monkey, the Howler is in danger of extinction.


The jaguar is the only big cat in the Americas and the third largest in the world.
It is important to indicate that, unlike other big cats of the genus, the jaguar shows non-aggressive behavior towards humans, always avoiding confrontation.
Due to the population decline of the jaguar, since 2002 it has been on the red list of threatened species, as a specimen very close to being vulnerable to extinction.

The Tapir ( Danta ) is the largest land mammal in Costa Rica. This animal is another of the species that has fortunately increased its numbers, and on several occasions they have been seen in Tortuguero, either in the forest, swimming or crossing a natural channel or in a wetland. They are harmless, vegetarian animals that feed on plants (grasses and leaves as well as fruits and seeds from the forest). It is a shy animal and difficult to observe in the field. Despite its size, it can move with relative ease within the forest, where it moves through real paths through the undergrowth.
Its main predators are the jaguar and man, who endangers it by destroying its habitat and practicing furtive hunting.

About 20 years ago the manatee was considered an extinct species in the country, however, lately continuous sightings have been reported in the Caribbean area, which represents some indications of its recovery.
It is approximately 3 meters long, and weighs between 400 and 600 kilograms, the females being generally larger than the males.
The manatee’s only predator is man, and its survival is also threatened by deforestation, sedimentation, climate change and the uncontrolled expansion of monocultures such as pineapple.

Hotel manager & owner
Sagi Nidam

Sagi is an entrepreneur and hotel owner recognized for excellence in the hospitality industry. As a hotel owner, Sagi Nidam demonstrates a meticulous approach and a passion for delivering an unparalleled experience to his guests.

Celine Cooper

preferred to be called Copper is always available, just ask and he will organize the best tours Tortuguero has to offer. Check-in like you just arrived home. his kindness sincerity and professionalism provide you with the best hotel stay.

Alicia Vargas

Alicia is one of those people who will give you a friendly welcome and she means it. Attentive and responsible will gladly help you with any of your stay needs you may have.

Ana Sofia

Our wonderful saloonkeeper Sofia always with a smile will always make you feel good and that your glass is always full. She will gladly offer you with best service.


Ivania was with us from day one she is no back home in nicaragua. thank you for everything.


wonderfall and very pleasent She is always there for any cleaning or any of your service needs she is always there.


She is in charge of cleaning the hotel, her service is very important for the guests because they can enjoy a comfortable and clean place.

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