Boat Tour

This is one of our most popular tour.  Tortuguero national park is one of the only places in costa rica where you can enter via the river canals and view lots of animals, birds, and nature. 

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2 Hours

Information About Boat Tour

  • Enjoy the luxury of motor boat with accessibility like a canoe
  • Go farther than any kayak or canoe go

One of the reasons why people say that Costa Rica is beautiful is because of its rivers and the animals that we can find there,

The Boat allows us to go deeper into the park where canoes don’t go. See the variety of flora and a wide variety of species that live in these areas such as alligators, toucans, sloths, iguanas, and a beautiful green forest.

Explore deeper into the park then the canoe tour goes. and Enjoy the beautiful mirror-like reflection of the rainforest, and lots of animals to see, coffee, and a snack are served on board.


Make this trip a combo with the hill tour and get a free private boat ride to and back from the hill. all park entry tickets are included with this combo, select at booking.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Sun glasses
  • Camera
  • park admission is needed ($17)
  • Banculas
  • Pancho
  • Coffee and snack
  • Guild
  • Life vest
  • Good Vibes
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